Affiliate Program

Do you love Small Biz Shipping Co. and everything we have to offer?!

Apply to Become an Affiliate!

At Small Biz Shipping Co. we have built an online community full of small business owners just like you! We strive to provide quality products at competitive prices with the best customer service we can provide! As an affiliate, you would be an extension of our business and our ideal affiliate partner would possess these same goals for their own business.

Still interested?! Read on to learn more and get ready to apply!

What Is An Affiliate Partner? Affiliate marketing has been around for a long time and can mean different things for different companies, but at Small Biz Shipping Co., we are striving to have our partners simply be an extension of our company. We will carefully curate our partner program based on the following criteria:

1.) Commitment to your customers. What do you do to make sure your customers are taken care of? Are they your number one priority or a core part of business standards?

2.) Commitment to your products. We want to make sure that you stand behind your products and ours. Do we truly fit into your business? Does your core offering include our small business supplies or do you ship items with our shipping supplies? Not every business will be a good fit for us and we won't be a good fit for you, and that's Okay!

3.) Commitment to being an affiliate partner. We will be sharing our affiliate tiers soon, but lets just say that we value you as a customer and will create incentives that will reward you for representing us, showcasing our products, and sharing our business with your customers. We will require that you maintain your referral links, codes, and coupons, but it will be an arrangement that benefits us both!

READY TO APPLY?! Fill out the form below to be considered. Please know that due to interest we may not be able to approve you right away, but we will strive to keep our program growing steadily and will always keep your form on file for future consideration.